How to get a free cruise to Antarctica?

If you have been browsing around to find out prices about Antarctica tours, you will surely know that any Antarctica cruise easily costs a minimum of about US $ 10.000…

Why politicians love Antarctica trips

So if you ever wondered why politicians love to participate in an Antarctica tour: it’s merely because visiting Antarctica is the fastest way to burn any budget.

Of course the budget of environment will be hurt the easiest, but even if you don’t have that, than use up the budget of science and technology: as maybe your country does need scientists on Antarctica as well? Or if you already have them, better go on an Antarctica expedition to find out what your scientists really are doing in Antarctica.

Why Ban should be banned from the South Pole

So United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is viewing for himself the worrying effects of global warming by visiting Antarctica.

Is Ban an expert and has he ever done an Antarctica expedition? Does he have any clue what to look at in Antarctica?

Wouldn’t it be money well spend if real scientists gave Ban a report + documentary of how Antarctica was years before now compared to now?

Antarctica tourism

Antarctica tourism on its best: fast travel by plane:
Ban arriving at the at Chile’s Air Force base in Antarctica

Antarctica, Ban and Global warming

How can you see any effect of Global warming if you have no point of reference? You mean Ban can just go there and see the planet warming up the second he arrives? If that’s the case, our planet will be doomed to overheating in a matter of weeks!

This must be really the coolest way of spending US money! Way to go Ban!

king george island Antarctica

Ban looking at global warming on his Antarctica cruise.
Notice the scientific equipment Ban uses to measure global warming…
like none, nothing, zero !!!!

By the way: if you ever go on an Antarctica trip, then make sure you have your gloves on before you step outside the compartments of your Antarctica Cruise ship. 6 months after my Antarctica trip due to wet gloves, I could still feel the cold in my fingers!

Antarctica Vacations

To add to the holiday experience, Ban will also visit the Torres del Paine National Park, home to Chile’s spectacular glaciers.


Well that’s a no-brainer: they are also threatened by global warming, so that’s a good excuse to visit them!

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