Nordnorge cruise ship

Hurtigruten, formerly known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage has replaced the MS Nordnorge with their newest MS Fram: a 2007 built Antarctica cruise ship especially designed to cruise the Arctic waters.

The Nordnorge was originally designed for cruising Norway’s narrow fjords and sometimes icy polar waters. From 2002 it has been used to travel to Antarctica as well but from June 2008 onwards, the Nordnorge will be cruising again its traditional Norwegian coastal voyage route along the Norwegian fjords.


Read an Antarctica Travel Experience on the Nordnorge.

Ms Fram: Improving the Nordnorge for Antarctica travels

Where Nordnorge was designed to sail the Norwegian fjords and icy Arctic waters, the MS Fram is especially designed to cruise the Antarctic waters.

Being 10 years younger than the Nordnorge, the interior of the MS Fram looks much more appealing to the modern day traveler. The extensive use of wool, leather and oak gives the interior of the MS Fram a warm Nordic feel.


Outside the Antarctica travel season, the MS Farm cruises the Greenland sea. This explains why the MS Fram interior is decorated with works by esteemed Greenlandic artists.

Antarctica Cruise NordnodgeAll customers with bookings on the Nordnorge will be able to:

  • rebook on the Fram and:
    • receive a 50% discount on sailings from October 2008 to March 2009 or
    • receive a full refund.

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