Cruise Antarctica

Explore the white continent in comfort and safety: read detailed reviews, insights and more: read how to get the most out of your Antarctica cruise.


Before you embark one your one in a life time cruise to Antarctica make sure you find cruise and travel packages that bring you the closest to the Antarctic penguins:


  • by helicopter,
  • by motorized rubber boats called Zodiacs and
  • by stepping straight from your cruise ship on an iceberg!


Plan your Antarctica holiday from November to February, as this is the time the South Pole is out of the dark and obviously the only time you will be able to marvel the Antarctic landscapes and wildlife: Antarctica penguins, birds, seals, polar bears and whales. Read more what you can see on your Antarctica vacation per month at Antarctica travel season.


During your Antarctica vacation you will be at the mercy of the coldest continent on earth: one moment it can be sunny and you can enjoy the stunning blue icebergs, the next moments it can be snowing and your fingers will freeze when you didn’t bring waterproofed gloves on the zodiacs. Nevertheless, nothing beats a barbeque and a glass of champagne on the coldest place on earth.


If you want to come up and close to the penguins, book your Antarctica cruise on an ice breaker like the MS Fram or hardcore Russian icebreakers from Quark Expeditions.


Did you ever dream of somebody who cruises Antarctica and that somebody is you? Did you ever wanted to visit earth’s lost paradise: the seventh continent on an Antarctica cruise? Ever imagined about adventurous Antarctica cruises?


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