Antarctica Cruise

If there is one place that one should go before you leave this earth for good, Antarctica is one of them. It is an excellent place to go for an adventure cruise and a trip to this white continent will be a memorable one for anyone who has the golden opportunity to make a trip there.

Antarctica CruisesThe best time to go for a cruise to the Antarctica is in the summer months for obvious reasons. However, summer is not “warm” and it can get very chilly and weather some times can be unpredictable. Also during the summers, the ice thaws so ships can navigate through the waters and ice.

Do know when we talk about Antarctic summer, we actually refer to January and February, since we are talking about the South Pole (Australian readers won’t be surprised to hear this, as they also live on the southern hemisphere).

When cruising in Antarctica , you can to see all kinds of wild life and different types of birds. You can see marine mammals like Humpback, Minke and Orca whales and seals as well. The wildlife and landscapes are truly unique and worth seeing.

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