Antarctica Cruises

Penguins are most likely the first animals you think about when you hear about an Antarctica cruise: they sail through the icy water, and when the ice is to hard for any Antarctica ship to crush, penguins or other of the little wildlife could be seen walking on ice.

Your vacation to Antarctica wont be complete without penguins. Without an icebreaker, you will be able to admire them from far. Yet on board of a real icebreaker, you can come up and close to these Antarctica penguins, just hold your breath… you have been warned :-).

Make sure to book a cruise that uses an icebreaker, to bring you up and close to the ice and the penguins: it will most likely a once in a lifetime travel, and since you already want to venture so far, might as well make sure you will go the extra mile and set foot on Antarctic soil!

My Antarctica Cruises Dream

penguin cruises antarctica

Antarctica cruises : did you ever dream of somebody who cruises Antarctica and that somebody is you? Never miss a episode of whale wars? Did you ever wanted to visit Earth’s lost Paradise: the seventh continent on an Antarctica cruise? Ever imagined about adventurous Antarctica cruises? I did!

This Antarctica Cruises site will show magnificent pictures about my Antarctic travel. We invite everybody to share their Antarctica travel stories and pictures, so do leave a comment!

Let’s make this site a personal tourism site for everybody who dreams about a cruise to the South Pole.

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