Cartoon pictures of penguins

Secrets you don’t see on Antarctica Cruises…

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If you ever went on an Antarctica Cruise or have seen pictures of Penguins on Antarctica expeditions on TV, you see they frequently line up one Antarctic penguin behind the other Antarctic penguin. Close encounters on an Antarctica cruise with an icebreaker will bring you next to these truly permanent visitors of Antarctica and like any other animals, they will have walked a trail in the ice. And like most people, also the penguins from Antarctica will stay in line as much as possible…

Enough about Antarctica cruises, you can find more about Antarctica cruises here.

Below: the secrets you don’t see on Antarctica cruises… 🙂

Penguin Cartoon


How cold does it get on Antarctica?

Antarctica travel advice: always bring lip balm!

If you travel to Antarctica, be aware that there are no trees to shelter: so if there is an Antarctic wind blowing, it will be cold and dry. This Antarctic winds can dry out your skin very easily, especially your lips, so do bring lip balm if you plan a cruise to Antarctica.

For now, enjoy the Antarctic fun below 🙂

Cartoon picture of penguins


Bush attacked by Antarctic Penguins?

The march of the Antarctica penguins…  

Was Bush in Antarctica? Not really, it was more like the Antarctica penguins took the "March of the penguins" way to literal by marching all the way from the south pole to Bush…

All set aside, Bush has more hot topics on his mind than cold Antarctica…

Maybe somebody was trying to give President Bush a cold welcome by sending in troops of Antarctica penguins… Quite harmless 🙂

Bush penguins cartoon


Al Jazheera news Antarctica

Oil in Antarctica?

A funny look towards Antarctic penguins from the eyes of an Al Jazheera cartoonist.

This is a nice twist to the western cartoons depicting penguins as nuns… 🙂

Penguin cartoons in the Arabic news

Anyway, since there is no (oil)mining allowed on the South Pole, nor are there land-claims possible on Antarctica: this cartoon is pure fiction.


Penguin-Polar Bear: 1-0

Why you are not allowed to leave things behind on Antarctica…

Polar bear cartoon


Fresh Antarctic Ice…

How icemakers really work…

Icemaker penguin cartoon

Antarctica fun for penguins

Antarctica’s ski resort

Skiing penguin cartoon


Small penguin – big icebreaker

Which icebreaker left this penguin-doll behind?

Icebreaker penguin doll cartoon


Antarctica Penguins Cartoon

What is a Antarctica Penguins’ dresscode?

Cartoon penguin

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