Oceania Cruise Lines

With 3 elegant mid-sized cruise ships, Oceania cruises targets older North American travelers.

Oceania Cruise Lines cater mostly to older North Americans offering a country club atmosphere in Edwardian surroundings. Food and service is better than rivals Holland America, Celebrity and Crystal but cabin accommodations aren’t. There are no facilities for children.

Their 400 members of staff will make sure you get a personalized service and unforgettable dining experience on one of their 3 Oceania cruise ships: the Regatta, Insignia and Nautica.

You will be in for a casually elegant luxury cruise without being disturbed by little children running up and down. As elegant as they are, Oceania cruise ships are not built to visit Antarctica, making their destinations more exotic.

oceana cruisesHighlights of your travel will be disembarking in more than one of the many famous ports along your cruise.

Oceania Cruiseships

Oceania Cruises is formed in 2002 by 2 luxury cruise veterans offering 3 intimate and luxurious 684-guest ships:

  • Regatta
    regatta oceania cruise ship
  • Insignia
    insignia oceania cruise ship
  • Nautica
    nautica oceania cruise ship

These 3 cruiseships are elegant, mid-sized, stylish and comfortable. Compared to the food served however, their accommodations aren’t as exquisite.

The 400 staff members on board of the Oceania cruise lines do give a high level of personal service during your cruising experience.

Oceania Cruise Lines Goals

Oceania Cruises position themselves as the cruise line of choice for travelers seeking a truly refined and casually elegant luxury cruise travel experience.

The dining experience is excellent!


Oceania Cruise Lines sail exotic destinations like the Far East and China, with overnight stays in famed cities as Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hanoi, Saigon, Kyoto, Bombay, Luxor and Dubai.

For natural and historical beauty, they sail South America like Rio de Janeiro, the rugged outpost of Port Stanley, or the majesty of Chile’s glacier-laden fjords.

Oceania also lets you discover Europe: cruising to more than 80 ports in Scandinavia and Russia, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, the Black Sea and esoteric locales as Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.

The most exotic cruises on offer are in the Caribbean’s azure blue seas. Silken beaches present a tempting diversion from the winter doldrums.

From the yachtsmen’s haven of Antigua to Tony St. Barts or to the lush jungles of Central America, you will experience a world of tropical bliss that you never knew existed.

Oceania Cruises covers Africa, Arabia, Black Sea, British Isles, Caribbean, Central America, China, Greek Isles, Iceland, India, Mediterranean, Mexico, Russia, Scandinavia, South America and Southeast Asia.

We repeat: Oceania Cruise Lines do not cover Antarctica!

The closest Oceania can bring you to the ice is visiting either/or:

  • Iceland
    oceania cruise lines iceland
  • visiting Chili
    chili glacier


They cater to older North Americans and are opening up to Europeans. There are no facilities for children on any of their 3 cruiseships.

Oceania travelers are discerning and sophisticated. They looking forward to:

  • world-class cuisine,
  • unparalleled personal service and
  • an enriching, in-depth, destination-oriented experience.