Antarctica – some things that you should be prepared for

Visiting the frozen continent of Antarctica is a privilege only a few in the entire world could afford but if you do get a chance to go there, it would be a trip of a lifetime.

Antarctica Weather

antarctica clothesHowever, there are a few things you should know about Antarctica . It is cold and again, it can get very cold at times!

You have to make sure that you have good winter clothes to protect yourself or half the time you will be feeling miserable (which I found out the hard way while we were out on an excursion in a tender).

walrusWell, one minute the sun was out, the next there was snow raining down on you so be always prepared for the worse form of weather regardless.

Don’t worry about looking good and all that stuff! Looking like a walrus is better than having yourself half frozen to death.

Quark Expedition showers

antarctica shower cramped like penguinsOk, I know some of you don’t really shower much in winter but for people like me who comes from the tropics, that would be a big no no..So, we have to shower daily regardless of the weather.

While we were in Antarctica on an Russian icebreaker from Quark Expeditions, the shower room was the size of a cubicle.

There was a good reason for that I found out as you can sandwich yourself between the walls while you try to maintain a reasonable balance and tried to “catch” the water while the vessel rocked from side to side!

It was hilarious…

Quark Expedition Cabins

quark expedition kapitan dranitsyn standard cabinWhile the vessel is rocking away while you are trying to sleep, that could get a little tricky as well..Just make sure that you put away all your stuff away in the cupboards or else you will find them rolling from one corner to another making a huge din and at the same time you will be trying to anchor yourself on to your bed to prevent yourself from tumbling out of it.

Getting up to get all your stuff is not an option truly unless you want to find yourself rolling around on the floor!

Other than that, it is a truly magical and wonderful experience to visit Antarctica and if you do have an opportunity to go, don’t pass on it!

Capitan Dranitsyn Antarctica cruise ship: Quark Expedition
Kapitan Dranitsyn Antarctica cruise ship: Quark Expedition