Antarctica Travel Season

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Do you want to see whales? Do you want to see the first newborn penguin chicks? then read on when you need to travel during the short Antarctic travel season.


Antarctica Travel Season: November-February


antarctica albatrosAntarctica is at the southern half of the earth, so summer period on Antarctica is around Christmas and new year.


This is important to know, as only in summer: from November until February, there is light on Antarctic. And you do want to SEE Antarctica, don't you?


Antarctica Travel : Seasonal attractions


Since the Antarctica travel season is very short, you can imagine what happens on Antarctica when the Antarctic sun start shining again...:


  • November is courting and mating season for the birds, as eggs has to be hatched before the summer ends, so no time to waste. King Penguins will display their typical mating behaviour: standing upright and with their beak upright in the air singing the enchanting Antarctica love songs
  • Antarctica penguins start hatching their eggs in December: so you can see them standing all next to each other.

    Although it can be cute to spot an egg in the middle of so many Antarctic penguins: once a penguin egg is on the Antarctic soil, the penguin won't be able to get it back on it's feet...
  • In January you can see the first little Antarctica penguin chicks
  • February is late summer: Antarctica has warmed up as much as possible and the ice is less, so if you are on a good icebreaker, they will park it next to an Iceberg, lower the bridge and you can walk straight from your Antarctica Cruise Icebreaker onto the Antarctica ice. Watch the crew member of the Kapitan Dranitsyn jumping on the bridge to see if it is safe to walk on the ice.

    February is also the month to have the biggest chances in watching whales. Depending on your Antarctica Cruise, some will bring you up and close to the whales: an overwhelming feeling gliding over the Antarctic water next to the largest sea creatures of the world.