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antarctica vacation search

Find all you need to know about Antarctica and Antartcica cruises on board of the Kapitan Dranitsyn. Search what you can expect on your next South Pole vacation.




The best Antarctica expedition = quark expeditions


I recommend Quark Expeditions to organise your Antarctica vacation. Why?

Because their icebreakers bring you up and close to the ice : you will be able to touch the ice from your cruiseship!

During our trip the icebreaker just "parked" itself next to an iceberg like in the above Antarctica picture of the Kapitan Dranitsyn.

You can disembark from your Antarctica cruise straight onto the Antarctica ice!

An unforgettable experience that only the strongest icebreakers can give you! Accommodation is throughout basic, dining is overly delicious and best of all: you can go anywhere you want with Quark Expeditions.