Antarctica Vacation

Antarctica Vacation

Things to do during your Antarctica vacation: today we visited Pleneau Island, Lemaire Channel and Cuverville Isle


Antarctica Vacation - Diary 10 February 2001


penguin expedition antarcticaToday is a "warm" day in the Antarctic summer 2 degrees C (about 33 degrees F) .


I woke up and had a look outside. The Antarctic ice was still packed for miles ahead (as far as I could see...) and our Antarctica ship was moving very slow.


Ok, I know, it is an icebreaker and not a yacht... It looked as if we just couldn't get out of this frozen Antarctic ice.


Half an hour later or so, the Kapitan Dranitsyn passed beautifully through the sea ice and reached a calm bay with little ice flows. It kept on snowing.


We went on the Zodiacs to a small rocky island with Gentoo penguins on it.


Some of these Gentoo penguins were having penguin chicks: quite cute to look at. I also saw 5 elephant seals: quite big.


On most ice floats we could see seals, 1, or 2 or at most 6 (me being very scientific...maybe I am ready to apply for a job in Antarctica)


antarctica icebergs blue crevassesOk, Antarctica is beautiful to look at, the Antarctic penguins are oh so cute, but the place stinks of their guano...


Yet again: all around us were beautiful sculptures of icebergs with ice blue crevasses.


And it kept on snowing a lot... gosh, and this is supposed to be summer in Antarctica...


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