SITEMAP: All you need to know about Antarctica cruises: when to go, how to prepare, how to get there for free and alternatives like Alaska cruises.


Antarctica Travel Preparation


  • Antarctica trip preparation
    Answering all your Antarctica vacation preparation questions: What do you bring on your Antarctica trip? Which camera to use and most important: what kind of clothes do you pack for your South Pole trip?
  • Antarctica travel season
    When do you visit Antarctica best? Do you want to see whales? Do you want to see the first newborn penguin chicks? Read on when you should travel during the short Antarctic travel season.
  • Antarctica – some things that you should be prepared for
    My unforgettable Quark Expedition: up close with the Antarctic penguins and the cruise ship's shower walls :-)
  • Antarctica weather
    Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest continent in the whole world.


Cruise Lines


  • How do people get to Antarctica
    Quark Expeditions specialize in polar expeditions aboard purpose-built expedition vessels, helicopters included! They have the most diverse fleet of passenger vessels in the Antarctica.
  • Quark Expeditions
    For an Antarctica travel with the most adventure, good food and basic but warm accommodation.
  • Oceania Cruise Lines
    Catering to older North Americans offering a country club atmosphere with delicious dining. No facilities for children and not visiting Antarctica.


Obsolete Antarctica Cruise Ships



Free Antarctica Cruises



Other Cruise Destinations




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    What to do in Alaska. How to choose the cruise line and cruise ship that caters your needs.